Mob of Teens Storms Kings Plaza Mall in NY (VIDEO)

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Kings Plaza Mob Mob of Teens Storms Kings Plaza Mall in NY (VIDEO)

A rowdy group of teens took over a New York shopping mall on the day after Christmas, causing police to swarm the shopping center and forcing many stores to close.

CNN reports:

A New York police spokesman confirmed that more than 300 rowdy teens overran the Kings Plaza mall the day after Christmas.

At about 6 p.m., groups roamed the mall banging on glass storefronts while cursing and screaming at people, mall employee Rickie Liu told CNN.

Reports of damage were unclear, but some teens picked up a glass container filled with candy and shattered it on the floor, the owner of a candy kiosk told CNN affiliate WCBS.

The rambunctious crowd turned what is usually a quiet mall into a terrifying place, said mall employee Charmaine Chen.

Many stores were forced to shutter their gates on a busy day. Liu said she received a call from mall security advising store employees to lock store doors for their own safety.

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 Mob of Teens Storms Kings Plaza Mall in NY (VIDEO)

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